The small town with a castle island and a view of the stars.

In the eastern part of the Vogtland, a small place with the name of “Redewisch” was first mentioned in 1411. It took 500 years for Rodewisch to be granted municipal rights, which is why life today is still tranquil in this small city.

Lots of green space, and of course, the castle island characterize this place. Where once a medieval moated castle stood, a beautiful Renaissance castle was built in 1500 and, at a later date, the manor, which today serves as the municipal museum. Concerts or events regularly take place on the island, and the pond with its row boats is a popular destination for families. Rodewisch’s observatory and planetarium are a favourite of hobby astronomists.

  • museum Göltzsch

  • school observatory and planetarium

Stadtinformation Ronneburg

August-Bebel-Strasse 4
07580 Ronneburg

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