From the depth of the mines all the way to the stars.

Since 2009, the three towns of Hammerbrücke, Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz and Tannenbergsthal have formed the municipality of Muldenhammer, whose name can be traced back to the old hammer mills in the Muldetal. In each of the three towns, visitors of Muldenhammer are shown a different side of the Vogtland: in Hammerbrücke, the traditional production of precious lace or embroidery; in Tannenbergsthal, the “Grube Tannenberg” exhibition mine showcases the time when mining was the main source of income for the locals. Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz, on the other hand, takes visitors into the vastness of outer space at its German Aerospace Exhibition, which documents the benefits of space research. This diversity is embedded into an attractive landscape full of cross-country ski tracks, hiking trails and bike paths for active recreation throughout the whole year.

  • Rißfälle

  • manor house in Tannbergsthal

  • Hammerbrücke

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