The independent municipality of Langenwolschendorf is surrounded by the districts of Zeulenroda-Triebes and has an impressive length of 3.5km.

Every year, the municipality invites visitors to the well-known Linden Festival. For centuries, the linden tree in the centre of town was a popular meeting point for the locals. A restored manor from a former feudal estate is at the heart of the town. Also worth a visit is a trip up to the 492m above sea level “Schönen Höhe”. The view from here of the ridges of the Slate Mountains and all the way to where the area where the former “Wismut” pyramids near Ronneburg stood is fantastic.

Gemeinde Langenwolschendorf

07937 Langenwolschendorf

Telefon: 036628/83530
Fax: 036628/60290



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