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Home of Germany’s smallest principality.

Greiz is also often referred to as the “gem of the Vogtland” and maybe that’s why the town shines so brightly with the many different activities for visitors to choose from. Until 1918, Greiz was the royal seat of the Principality of Reuss, Elder Line, and Germany’s smallest principality at the time. The late 19th century architecture of the attractions in the old town between the Schlossberg and the Elstertal hillsides or in the Neustadt and around the elegant Carolinenstrasse are representative of this time.

The renaissance-style Obere Schloss on the Schlossberg shapes the city’s skyline. Today, the Untere Schloss from the 16th century is designed in the classicistic style and is the central starting point for visitors to Greiz as it is home to the tourist information centre. The wonderfully arranged park in the city is considered to be one of the most beautiful landscape gardens in the English style.

Oberes Schloss Greiz

Visible from afar, the Obere Schloss (upper castle) looms over the valley of the Weißen Elster River and has dominated the region for centuries.

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Unteres Schloss Greiz

A prime example of classicist architecture that has roots in the Renaissance era.

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Sommerpalais im Greizer Park

Greiz Summer Palace

The “beautiful sanctuary” house has been home to art and culture for many decades.

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The Royal Greizer Park

A wonderful point of attraction for people who like to meander and appreciate landscape architecture.

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Jugenstil Villas

The architecture from the turn of the 20th century has had a great influence in the entire district of Greiz.

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Tourist-Information Greiz

Burgplatz 12 / Unteres Schloss
07973 Greiz

Telefon: 03661/689815
Fax: 03661/703291



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