The hills of the Elster Mountains surround the quiet valley around Erlbach, making the town a popular destination for active tourists during every season. In the snow-free months, Erlbach turns into a meeting point for hikers who like to explore the area on their own or join groups like the “Erlbacher Bergwanderung” or the “Erlbacher Wanderwoche”. Around Erlbach, terrain cures and Nordic walking tours are also possible. When the first snowflakes fall, the winter sports season begins with many activities to choose from, either at the Erlbach-Kegelberg ski resort or on the Hohen Brand cross-country tracks.

Erlbach’s location in the heart of the music region attracts culture lovers as well. As an offset to the active vacation in nature, regular spa concerts are held, and highlights such as the “Guitar and Nature” festival, where all the orchestra instruments originate from regional workshops, takes place annually.

  • Vogtländisches Freilichtmuseum Eubabrunn

  • Hoher Stein with panorama view

  • ski area Erlbach-Kegelberg

  • children´s playground

  • hiking in Erlbach with view from the Galgenberg

Tourist Information Erlbach

Marktplatz 2
08265 Erlbach

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