Medieval merchant town in the Thuringian Slate Mountains.

The posting milestone from 1722 is reminiscent of times when Auma-Weidatal was an important resting place along the trade route between Leipzig and Hof. The attractive old residences, the former district court and the nearby Liebfrauen Church are remaining proof of the town’s significance as a merchant city. Today, Auma-Weidatal in the Thuringian Slate Mountains is still a resting place – the perfect stop for those who want to relax in nature.

The surrounding villages with their attractions are accessible from the Georg-Kresse hiking trail, the first Thuringian planetary walk, or along parts of the Luther Trail.

Stadt Auma-Weidatal

Marktberg 9
07955 Auma-Weidatal

Telefon: 036626/6460
Fax: 036626/64646



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