Music and Winter Sports Museum Klingenthal

Music and winter sports have always belonged together here, which is why they also share a museum.

Klingenthal is known to many as a music city, and still exports many accordions all over the world. Others view the city as the winter sports haven of the Vogtland. That is why the Klingenthal museum combines the two: one exhibition focuses on musical instrument making, displaying instruments made by Klingenthal’s violin makers, wood instrument makers and brass instrument makers, as well as a variety of accordions. Particularly inventive is the 1.5m-long playable giant harmonica.

The second part of the museum is dedicated to the history of skiing in Klingenthal. On display are the model of the legendary Aschbergschanze, or jump, historical skiing equipment and medals from Klingenthal’s most successful winter athletes.

Musik- und Wintersportmuseum Klingenthal

Schloßstraße 3
08248 Klingenthal

Telefon: 037467 64827



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