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Oelsnitz Rug Museum

“What porcelain is to Meißen, rugs are to Oelsnitz.” This sentence was coined by a city chronicler from Oelsnitz. For more than 130 years now, carpet making has shaped the city of Oelsnitz to great lengths.

The comparison with the famous Meißner porcelain is no coincidence. For the past 130 years, the specialists in Oelsnitz have been making rugs that are nowadays sold all over the world. Rugs are not only decoration or something to tread on; they are also a complex construction of symbols and colours. What is therefore more appropriate than to dedicate the rug museum in Schloss Voigtsberg to these works of art?

A hint of One Thousand and One Nights engulfs the curious visitor here, when he encounters the “flying” carpets between floors. The development of the rug industry is further highlighted by the rustic Axminster carpet weaving loom from 1910 or the oriental knitting machines from the 1930s – this display is a must for fans of old industrial heritage.


Oelsnitz Mineral Vault

The “Mineraliengewölbe Oelsnitz”, a collection of valuable minerals from the Saxon Vogtland, is situated in the historical vaulted cellars of the castle.

In specially designed display cabinets, treasures such as barite from Zobes, wavellite from Schloditz or the world famous fluorite from Schönbrunn can be marvelled at. The location where each mineral was found is indicated respectively.

The venerable castle was deliberately chosen as the exhibition venue, as Schloss Voigtsberg served as both as the electoral seat and the mining authority between the 17th and 19th century. From 1674 on, it served as the mining authority of the elector and the high principality for almost the entire Saxon Vogtland region.


The Illusorium

Illusorium – this is the name of the permanent exhibit on Schloss Voigtsberg dedicated to the lifework of the well-known children’s book illustrator Regine Heinicke. In the medieval rooms of the main castle, fantastic figures, fabulous stories and legendary characters come together in Heinecke’s metaphorically charged stories.

An exhibition that addresses all senses and that encourages visitors to participate and discover. A specially created library, perfect for delving into the illustrated books, rises over the exhibition space. Modern listening stations, film documents and diverse children’s play areas guarantee that a visit is fun for all visitors.



Special Exhibitions

The Schloss Voigtsberg museums are home to regular special exhibitions that are of interest to visitors. Besides regional and national history, special themed displays ranging from visual arts to industrial heritage with an in-depth and complementary character are created. These exhibition themes always have a unique cross-generational character, often supplemented with numerous educational offers.



Selected Exhibits: Titian, Cranach and St. George

The masterpiece “Portrait of Catherine, Archduchess of Austria” by Tiziano Vecellion, referred to as Titian (around 1477-1576), is on display to the public in the Fürstensall of Schloss Voigtsberg for the first time since it was painted 450 years ago. Other masterpieces on display include Lucas Cranach the Elder’s “Maria with the salve vessel”, paintings by painters from the Antwerp School, or the great figure of St. George – created by a Norman sculptor.

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