Museum in the Osterburg in Weida

 The region’s history comes alive in a highly modern fashion between medieval walls.

The Osterburg was built in the 12th century and is without doubt one of the most significant attractions in the Vogtland, and thereby a great location for an aspiring museum that is dedicated to exhibits pertaining to the history of the city and the region. Within this setting, the keep with a wall thickness of almost 6m becomes the stage for an extraordinary presentation: a 360° multimedia projection depicts the history of the Vogtland and of the Reußen along the round inner walls of the keep.

Visitors to the Osterburg soar up high and fly across the old Reußenland, getting a bird’s eye view of the region!

Museum in der Osterburg Weida

Schloßberg 14
07570 Weida

Telefon: 036603 62775



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