Hermann Vogel House in Krebes


The life and works of the Vogtland artist are displayed in his former residence.

Not far from Plauen, the Hermann Vogel House in Burgstein/ Krebes is reminiscent of the well-known Vogtland artist. He lived from 1854 until 1921, and is known to many art lovers as an important illustrator of the late Romantic period. Accurate observations inspired him to create brilliantly illustrated and usually humorous pictures, which reflected his intimate connection to the nature and history of his home region.

As time went by, the illustrator, who was born in Plauen, focussed more and more on subject matter from the Vogtland in his works. This strong connection to his homeland led Hermann Vogel to spend the last years of his life in Krebes. He was much more than an artist of romantic idyll. He was very wary of the blind faith in progress and the consequent threat to nature and the environment, as well as the impact it would have on humans, the ones responsible for the progress. It turns out that he was a surprisingly up-to-date admonisher!

Hermann-Vogel-Haus Krebes

Burgsteinstraße 5
08538 Weischlitz / OT Krebes

Telefon: 037433 5902



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