Plauen Lace Museum

Since its opening in 1984, Germany’s only lace museum presents alternating items from a unique textile industry and displays the historical change in their production and design.

The broad range of products from Plauen’s lace and embroidery industry has always had a following and made Plauen’s name known around the world.

Craftsmanship and artistic design ability secured this success.

“Plauener Spitze” (lace from Plauen) is a term that has an irresistible appeal for all those with a pronounced sense for exclusive fashion, household textiles and elegant accessories.

Plauen Lace Museum

Welcome to the Plauen Lace Museum! We would like to direct your attention to the exhibition’s many treasures, and hope that the selection of historic lace and embroidery items, as well as items from our current collection give you a better understanding of Plauen’s lace. We hope that the tour through the museum’s rooms contribute to your appreciation of a world-renowned German textile product that has been around for more than 100 years. You will also realize that the history of Plauen’s lace has significantly shaped the economic and cultural development of the metropolis of Plauen and this region in the Vogtland.

Spitzenmuseum Plauen

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