Vogtland-Bohemian Mineral Centre in Schneckenstein

In Schneckenstein, the sparkling treasures of the regional “underworld” are shown in the best light.

The Vogtländisch-Böhmischen Mineralienzentrum in Schneckenstein is an eldorado for fans of crystalline treasures from the region. Unique to Schneckenstein is topaz, which cannot be found anywhere else in all of Europe, plays a special role: in the topaz room, the most beautiful and rarest examples of the mineral are shown at their best. We welcome you to try your hand at gem cutting inour gemstone workshop.

The connecting natural history museum is dedicated to the local fauna and flora. Products in the adjacent herb garden are used to create the aromatic dishes of the Vogtland.

Vogtländisch-Böhmisches Mineralienzentrum

Zum Schneckenstein 42
08262 Muldenhammer/ OT Tannenbergsthal

Telefon: 037465 41993
Fax: 037465 41825