The Kammloipe – a cross-country skiing paradise

The Kammloipe on the ridge of the mountains from Schöneck in the Vogtland to Johanngeorgenstadt in the Erzgebirge is probably one of the longest and most beautiful cross-country tracks with reliable snowfall in all of Germany. Cross-country skiers find good conditions here even in winters with little snow. It takes you through an especially charming ski region along 36km in the heart of the Erzgebirge/ Vogtland nature reserve. Well-known winter sport venues, unending mountain forests and the expansive view from the top of the ridges give this region its singular flair. The Kammloipe is also suitable for beginners; the ridge is only minimally groomed and therefore perfect for cross-country skiing. The cross-country ski track network is almost 100km long when including the signposted connecting tracks that lead to the surrounding towns.

In part, the route runs directly along the German-Czech border. Connecting trails on the Czech side and border crossings for skiers make it possible to take a cross-border tour. Well-cleared parking lots at the start of the Kammloipe, ski lodges, service bases, mountain huts and extremely well-groomed trails guarantee a relaxing sports experience. The varying terrain has slight uphill or downhill segments with even trails where you can catch your breath, and benches along side the cross-country ski trails invite you sunbathe and take a break. The towns in close proximity to the Kammloipe have extensive tourist, sporty, culinary and cultural offers for you to indulge in.

The beauty of the mountainous landscape is not only interesting for skiers; those looking for some rest and relaxation will also find what they are looking for in these lovely surroundings.

From Schöneck in the Vogtland, past the “Schneckenstein” topaz rocks to Klingenthal/ Mühlleithen, the centre for winter sports, and from Carlsfeld all the way to Johanngeorgenstadt in the Erzgebirge, the Kammloipe offers skiers an outstanding adventure surrounded by nature, culture and friendly people.

The cross-country ski trails are well marked and trail maps point the way for skiers.