The Vogtland Panorama Weg®

The most beautiful 225km stretch through the Vogtland begins and ends at the Göltzschtal Bridge, the largest brick bridge in the world. The twelve daily segments of between 12km and 14km in length that make up the circular trail can be completed by most experienced hikers. Partial segments are also possible for shorter hikes. The trail leads in the direction of Greiz in the Thuringian Vogtland by means of the Köhlersteig, through the Vogtländische Schweiz and past Plauen, the lace city, to the east.

The next sections pass through the legendary Burgstein area and the Pirk and Oelsnitz reservoirs, before the Vogtland Panorama Weg reaches Bad Elster and Bad Brambach in the Saxon spa region. After a brief hike through Bohemia hikers arrive in Markneukirchen, where they experience the rich traditional music region along the route.

After passing through Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz, hikers reach the Grünheide forest park, where the trail orients itself toward the western Erzgebirge and Schönheide comes into view. Hikers arrive at Rodewisch and Lengenfeld shortly after the beer-brewing town of Wernesgrün, and continue on to the impressive knight’s castle in Mylau and to where the circular route ends – at the Göltzschtal Bridge.