The new salt water bath and sauna area

Float Weightlessly in Bad Elster

Float like you are in the Dead Sea. Pure relaxation can be enjoyed at the new salt water baths in Bad Elster!  

A whole new kind of relaxation has been possible at the new Soletherme & Saunawelt Bad Elster since 2015. Floating like  you are in the Dead Sea is a very special experience for both the body and the mind, ensuring relaxation and convalescence. A float in the salt water strengthens the immune system, relieves the musculoskeletal system as well as impacts your physical and mental balance and adds to stress reduction. 

Three pools with varying levels of salt and different designs address all the senses. With 15%, the salt water lake has the highest concentration of salt water that can be experienced in an indoor pool in Germany. The salt water thermal bath is complemented by a light and sound bath, a “Hutznbad” – a traditional salt water Vogtland bath in which you lounge for a while, as well as a sauna area with both indoor and outdoor saunas.

Guests are invited to escape from everyday life and experience the phenomena of salt water over two floors and a space of approx. 4500sqm. The salt water thermal bath is fed by a salt water spring in the Elstertal, a closed primordial sea that has been buried for millions of years deep in the earth. The highly mineralized water stems from depths of 1200m and contains high amounts of sodium sulphate and chloride. It is unique in its composition and concentration.