Brunn Forest Spa in Auerbach

The traditional Brunn forest spa is idyllically situated amidst greenery and features swimming lanes, a ping pong table, a soccer field and a volleyball court. The shallow pool has current channels, massage ducts and a water spout. There is also a 10m diving board for those who are daring enough!

The wading pool is equipped with bubbling dinosaurs and an elephant slide for the little ones. Several saunas with hourly infusions, as well as massages or other treatments, guarantee the full spa experience.

Waldbad Brunn Auerbach

Badstr. 1a
08209 Auerbach

Telefon: 03744 365930



täglich (Sommermonate)
- Uhr

Öffnungszeiten Sauna

Montag: 14-18 Uhr  Frauensauna, 18-22 Uhr gemischt

Mittwoch: geschlossen

Di, Do-So: 14 bis 22 Uhr gemischte Sauna