Water Fun for Kids

Water Reservoirs

Pöhl Reservoir

A Sailing and Nature Paradise.

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Zeulenrodaer Sea

The “Zeulenrodaer Meer” is a popular destination for hikers and “water rats”.

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Pirk Reservoir

Our local recreation area welcomes people of all ages, hikers, cyclists, those seeking relaxation and nature loves to take a walk along the Pirk reservoir. 

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Indoor & Outdoor Pools

Waikiki Water World

Hawaiian-style water park woos its guests with South Seas charm

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Elsterberg Forest Spa

Water rats are guaranteed lots of opportunities to cool off on hot summer days.

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Reichenbach Outdoor Pool

The Reichenbach outdoor pool, which is 50m in length, is great for people who love to swim lanes.

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Lengenfeld Outdoor Pool Complex

The complex offers its guests a pool with a wide waterslide.

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Brunn Forest Spa in Auerbach

The traditional Brunn forest spa is idyllically situated amidst greenery.

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Pausa Outdoor Pool

A children’s pool, a shallow pool and swimming pool, as well as a giant slide.

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"Waldbad Adorf"

Lots of bathing fun in the middle of the forest.

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