Indoor Activities

Exhibition Mines

Dragon’s Lair in Syrau

Stalactites and underground lakes, not to mention a dragon, bewitch visitors to the cave in Syrau.

continuezu „Dragon’s Lair in Syrau“

“Grube Tannenberg” Exhibition Mine

The stories of Vogtland’s miners become alive underground in Schneckenstein.

continuezu „“Grube Tannenberg” Exhibition Mine“

“Eternal Life” Alum Mine in Plauen

For almost 300 years, alum shale was mined in Plauen.

continuezu „“Eternal Life” Alum Mine in Plauen“

Adventure Demonstration Mine in Ronneburg

Look back to the days of uranium mining, the region’s main industry for many decades.

continuezu „Adventure Demonstration Mine in Ronneburg“

Aerospace Exhibition & Planetarium

German Aerospace Exhibition

An unique exhibition about aerospace and space exploration.

continuezu „German Aerospace Exhibition“

Rodewisch Planetarium

The two shiny silvery domes on the south-eastern outskirts of Rodewisch are home to the observatory and the planetarium.

continuezu „Rodewisch Planetarium“

Children's Playhouse

Grünbach Children’s Playhouse

An adventurous play and romping area for children that extends over two floors.

continuezu „Grünbach Children’s Playhouse“

Cultural Highlights for Kids

Landwüst Vogtland Open-Air Museum

A rewarding insight into the history of life in the Vogtland between work in the fields and instrument making.

continuezu „Landwüst Vogtland Open-Air Museum“

Oberes Schloss Greiz

Visible from afar, the Obere Schloss (upper castle) looms over the valley of the Weißen Elster River and has dominated the region for centuries.

continuezu „Oberes Schloss Greiz“

Schloss Voigtsberg in Oelsnitz

Schloss Voigtsberg

Since the Middle Ages the defiant walls are an obvious landmark of Oelnitz.

continuezu „Schloss Voigtsberg“

Demonstration Workshops at Musicon Valley®

A view behind the scenes of the world-famous instrument making industry.

continuezu „Demonstration Workshops at Musicon Valley®“

Osterburg Weida

One of the most important contemporary witnesses of its kind in all of Germany.

continuezu „Osterburg Weida“

Mother of Pearl and Local Heritage Museum Adorf

An exceptional collection from the entire region can be found in the city gate of Adorf.

continuezu „Mother of Pearl and Local Heritage Museum Adorf“