Plohn Recreational Park


With more than 250,000 visitors per annum, the Plohn recreational park is the first recreation park for families in eastern Germany and one of the most popular recreational parks overall. It has undergone continuous growth over the years, delighting guests with over 70 different attractions. 

Its themed areas range from a western town to a land of the dinosaurs, from an enchanted forest to a nature park and Japanese garden, and include numerous action-packed attractions. The park is open for action, fun and adventures from Easter until the end of October starting daily at 10:00am. Especially popular at the Plohn recreation park: even the smallest visitors are able to take advantage of most of the attractions. The park continues to surprise its guests with new attractions every year.

Coming 2019: Big Dipper Coaster "Dynamite"

In 2009, a very special feature opened: “El Toro”, the highest and fastest wooden rollercoaster in eastern Germany. It soars at 28m, has a track length of 725m and top speed of 75km/h. In 2010, the crazy climbing park, “Crazy House”, was added. The new Plohnidorf, a colourful fantasy village, was completed in 2011.

The quaint hay-bed hotel, customized vacation apartments or a themed B&B with a fairytale room are available for guests who live further away.

Freizeitpark Plohn

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