10 Top Tips

Plohn Recreational Park

One of the most popular recreational parks in Germany.

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Dragon’s Lair in Syrau

Stalactites and underground lakes, not to mention a dragon, bewitch visitors to the cave in Syrau.

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Sparkasse Vogtland Arena Klingenthal

Europe's most modern large hill at Klingenthal.

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Waikiki Water World

Hawaiian-style water park woos its guests with South Seas charm

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Pöhl Reservoir

A Sailing and Nature Paradise.

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Skiwelt Schöneck

"Skiwelt Schöneck", as the ski resort is also called, is also a certified family ski resort.

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Grünbach Children’s Playhouse

An adventurous play and romping area for children that extends over two floors.

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German Aerospace Exhibition

An unique exhibition about aerospace and space exploration.

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Schönheide Miniature Railway

Five kilometre-long trips reminiscent of the olden days can be taken with the “good, old mini train” between Schönheide and Stützengrün.

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Landwüst Vogtland Open-Air Museum

A rewarding insight into the history of life in the Vogtland between work in the fields and instrument making.

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