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Vacation in the countryside

Shore leave

Landurlaub Familie Gläserner Bauernhof
Do you remember your childhood - the smell of fresh hay, building small huts in the forest and playing hide and seek with other children? In the Vogtland, you can experience the country and nature at close quarters on farms, in nature exhibitions, in zoos, on llama or alpaca hikes or at a spectacular bird of prey flight show. Let's go to nature. Country holidays in the Vogtland not only mean adventure for the children, but also relaxation for the parents.

Adventure courtyards

Farms, children's holiday homes and country inns

Vacation on the horse farm

“Happiness on earth is on the back of a horse”, anyone who has ever taken a vacation at the riding stable can certainly agree with this saying. The fresh smell of hay, the morning neighing of the horses, the crowing of a rooster in the distance. How can you be woken up nicer?

Watch out rider friends and horse lovers! Here you can invite horse farms to learn to ride or to improve your existing skills. The Vogtland offers with its varied landscape and with its existing variety of bridle path networks ideal conditions for rides in nature.

Accommodation for holidays on the horse farm

Carriage ride

Listen to the even hoofbeat and relax and enjoy the view of the surrounding meadows and forests. During a horse-drawn carriage ride, you will feel like you have long forgotten times when horsepower really counted. Get in and treat yourself and your family to this wonderful experience in harmony with nature!

Holidays in Saxony’s Villages

Photo: TMGS

Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz - The space village

Stories from the Vogtland about Starfarers and Bell Founders

No other town in the Vogtland has greater contrasts: on one side of Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz, centuries of simply country life and the long tradition of bell foundry are visible. On the other side, you can reach for the stars with modern space travel. Both are at home here and can be experienced by visitors most impressively. The German Aerospace Exhibition in the birthplace of Germany’s first cosmonaut depicts voyages into space. In more than 1000 exhibits, it illustrates the past, present and future of space travel. The past is represented by the historical smelting furnace in Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz. The furnace reminds of the early 20th century when the town was famous throughout Europe for the art of bell founding. More than 30,000 bells were cast in the Saxon Vogtland during this era.

The floodplains around the “Zwickauer Mulde” and the many hiking trails in the region are popular with nature lovers and hikers. Some of these trails have been turned into interesting educational paths, and are often groomed as cross-country ski trails during the winter months.

Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz is part of the municipality of Muldenhammer.

Leubnitz - mills and paths

Beautifully Situated in the Vogtland’s Milling Region

At one time, numerous wind and watermills clattered in the area around the village of Leubnitz, making milling the most important craft of the region. It is still possible to trace the historic milling industry in many places of the Vogtland’s milling region, for example with a hearty meal in one of the many mills that have been converted into restaurants. 


Alternatively, in keeping with the motto of “hiking is the miller’s delight”, you follow along the 53km-long “Müllerburschen Weg,” which takes you to all the preserved mills and relics of this once vibrant craft.

In Leubnitz, St. Mary’s Church from the 13th century and the noble castle from 1794 are well worth seeing. The latter is picturesquely situated in an extensive landscaped garden, perfect for taking a stroll.

Leubnitz is part of the municipality of Rosenbach.

Jößnitz - the village for active people

A Melting Pot of Culture, Nature and Old Crafts

The learning trail, which takes you around the historical town centre and past orchards, ponds and gardens, is great for gaining a first impression of Jößnitz. Farmhouses and four-sided farmyards mark the villagescape, as does the church with its baroque steeple that towers over the village. The church’s interior is adorned by a panel painting from the studio of Lucas Cranach the Elder. There is much to do for guests to Jößnitz: in the neighbouring Steinsdorf, guests get to try their hand shaping glowing hot metal on the anvil at the musuem blacksmith’s shop.

A trip into the past can also be had at the Pfaffengut Plauen (clerical estate). Here, guests can experience what the hard life on an estate used to be like: corn is ground using stones and the clothes wringer is operated by hand. Soar with the protégés at the Falconry Park Hermann, where spectacular flight shows with the different birds of prey and owls are held every weekend.

Dorfidylle im Vogtland

Lecker Essen auf dem Land

Photo: Archiv TVV/M.Daßler


Weitere Urlaubsthemen

Autofrei - das Vogtland erfahren

Photo: Verkehrsverbund Vogtland GmbH

Urlaubsplanung leicht gemacht

Photo: Archiv TVV


Photo: Archiv TVV/M.Daßler
Photo: Archiv TVV/T. Peisker
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