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Family holiday

Freizeitpark Plohn Luftaufnahme
A family holiday means one thing above all: spending a wonderful time together. The Vogtland offers variety for young and old and makes your family time an unforgettable experience. Whether hotel, guesthouse, holiday apartment or youth hostel – many family-friendly accomodations promise a comfortable stay.

Familienzeit im Vogtland

When children are asked about what they wish for the most, the answer often is to spend time doing with mom and dad. Recreational parks, waterparks, fun and games in the outdoors, a bike tour, a picnic, climb up a high lookout or sail across the sparkling water of the lakes in the Vogtland – for every day, there is an adventure in the Vogtland right on your doorstep!
VOGTLAND - adventure holiday for families
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Best Family Activities

Outdoor Activities

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Kinder sind kleine Weltentdecker und lieben Abenteuer. Zu einem gelungenen Urlaubstag gehört daher auch immer der Besuch auf einem Spielplatz dazu. Hier finden Sie eine Liste mit Spielplätzen im ...

Vogtland - Sinfonie der Natur

For friends of animals, nature & environment

Photo: Archiv TVV/T. Peisker

Water Fun for Kids

Glittering lakes and extensive reservoir lakes, idyllic river landscapes and gushing streams offer water fun. Swimming, sailing, diving, surfing, walking and hiking, boat trips or canoe tours – the possibilities are endless. Being active in and around the cool water ensures refreshing holiday fun.

Water sports & shipping

Adventure and indoor pools

Outdoor pools

Indoor Activities


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40 entries

Eigentlich gibt es ja kein wirklich schlechtes Wetter. Denn gerade der Wechsel der Naturgewalten ist auch spannend zu erleben. Und ohne Regen gäbe es schließlich auch keinen Regenbogen zu bestaunen, ...

Vogtland - Sinfonie der Natur

Winter fun

Ski Areas, skating rinks & ice rinks

Family-friendly accommodations, places and leisure facilities

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The brand "family vacation in Saxony"

The "Family Vacation in Saxony" brand Discover certified, family-friendly accommodation, leisure facilities and places in the Vogtland. The "Family Vacation in Saxony" award stands for tested quality, e.g. for child-friendly leisure activities, space to play in the hotel or children's dishes in the restaurant. 

Family-friendly leisure facilities

Family friendly places

Local Village · Vogtland
Stadt Schöneck
Local Village · Vogtland
Gemeinde Erlbach
Local Village · Vogtland
Stadt Plauen


Whether hotel, guesthouse, holiday flat or youth hostel - the family-friendly accommodation in the Vogtland promises a ...

Vogtland - Sinfonie der Natur

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CAR-FREE – experience the Vogtland without a car

Photo: Verkehrsverbund Vogtland GmbH
Leave your car for a while and discover theholiday region Vogtland and many excursiondestinations in a very relaxed way by busand train – in the Vogtland this is particularly easy with the offers of the transport associ-ation Vogtland in the comfortable Vogtland network.

Here in the quadrangle, you can discover theextraordinary on a day trip across borders.Take it easy with the EgroNet ticket: Karlovy Vary, Cheb, Bayreuth or Hof are easily acces-sible by train. City stroll, culture, wellness – all of this is available to you.

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  • Here you can leaf through the current guest magazine "Vichelant" of the transport association Vogtland.

Urlaubsplanung leicht gemacht

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Ausmalvorlagen mit Vogti auf Tour
Ausmalvorlagen mit Vogti auf Tour
Photo: Archiv TVV


Photo: Archiv TVV/M.Daßler
Photo: Archiv TVV/T. Peisker
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