Promoting the Vogtland region’s cuisine

The restaurant competition "Kloßvogt" stands for the excellent regional cuisine in the Vogtland. This challenge not only embodies the well-known “green dumplings”, it also portrays the down-to-earth and hearty cuisine of the Vogtland. The competition’s goal is to make the regional restaurants with their traditional cuisine better known among locals and guests alike.

The confirmed participants for 2015:

Landgasthof "Plohnbachtal", Lengenfeld

Berggasthaus & Pension "Schöne Aussicht", Klingenthal

Gasthof Schweizerhaus, Greiz OT Schönbach

Erlbacher Brauhaus, Markneukirchen OT Erlbach

Zum Postillion, Klingenthal

Gaststätte "Kuhbergbaude", Netzschkau OT Brockau

Landhotel Jungbrunnen, Bad Brambach

Zum Steinbruch, Plauen OT Neundorf

Restaurant "Zellreder", Zeulenroda-Triebes

Thüringer Hof, Auma

Waldi's Lindenhof, Weida

The unannounced test meals will take place in the upcoming weeks. After that, we will publish further information about the restaurants.

The creation of the "Kloßvogt"

In order to acknowledge and make the good Thuringian-Vogtland cuisine and the culinary art of the chefs and restaurant in the region better known, the “Kloßvogt” challenge was brought into being by the regional management of Greiz in 2007. Since the “green” or “Vogtland” dumplings are known well beyond the regional borders and the Vögte, the highest lords of this region, were involved in the naming of this beautiful place on earth, the jury decided on the name “Kloßvogt”. The graphic designer Jörg Halsema from Mylau gave our “Kloßvogt” a face and Ludwig Laser’s ceramic workshop in Obergeißendorf gave shape to the “Kloßvogt”.

The jury

The professional and autonomous jury evaluates the unannounced test meals according to the predetermined criteria. All test meals are logged and evaluated under the same conditions. The winner will be announced and the “Kloßvogt” trophy will be awarded at the restaurant that won the competition in the previous year.

The criteria

All dining establishments from the Vogtland that can seat 30-80 guests are eligible to participate. The jury’s evaluation criteria are composed as follows:

  • The selection of traditional, local and authentic dishes and beverages
  • The preparation and taste of the dishes and beverages
  • The use of fresh, regional products
  • Whether the ambience in the restaurant is original and typical for the region
  • Friendly and competent service
  • Cleanliness and hygiene