The triumph of the potato

Did you know that the potato spread throughout Germany from the Vogtland?

Since then, green dumplings, potato pancakes, potato soup and potato pie have enriched our menus and whet our appetite for more. Complement these with a fresh draught beer, have a seat and enjoy!

"The taste of the Vogtland"

“The connection to our region, the respect for the people who have their roots and lives here, the respect for our guests as well the responsibility towards our environment, induced us four restaurant owners to present and maintain the simple and traditional lifestyle of the Vogtland region in a culinary manner.”

Four restaurateurs from the Vogtland joined forces under the brand “So schmeckt das Vogtland” (the taste of the Vogtland), in order to prepare typical Vogtland dishes using their culinary skills and as many local products as possible. The preparation of the products is done according to old recipes and traditional methods.

Your hosts in the Vogtland:

  • Hotel Forstmeister, Schönheide
  • Parkhotel Helene, Bad Elster
  • Hotel & Restaurant "Zum Postillion", Klingenthal
  • Landhotel Plauen, Plauen - OT Zwoschwitz