The Mildenfurth Monastery and Cronschwitz Convent

Wünschendorf’s two monasteries were once important centres for the entire region.

Until the Reformation, two religious houses were established around Wünschendorf. The Dominican Convent, of which only ruins remain today, was founded in 1238 as a home for unwed noblewomen. At that time, it was the wealthiest convent in the Vogtland and was the final resting place for the Lords of Weida.

Back then, the monastery of the Premonstratensians of Mildenfruth was located only a short walk away. The monastery can be traced back to 1193, and remains of the pillared basilica, the chapel hall and other buildings from the late Romance period can still be viewed today. From time to time, concerts and other events take place on the grounds of the monastery.

Kloster Mildenfurth

Am Kloster Mildenfurth
07570 Wünschendorf/Elster

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