Schloss Voigtsberg

The imposing old walls at the foot of the castle hill in Oelsnitz/ Vogtland captivate visitors when they walk through the gatehouse. Schloss Voigtsberg is already an adventure thanks to the accessible outer bastion. The treasures, however, are kept in the newly renovated interior of the castle complex.

The more than 765-year old thick walls today host three museums, the Historischen Kostümfundus, a restaurant and the historical archive of the Vogtland administrative district.

The architectural history of the old, main part of Schloss Voigtsberg takes you on a visual journey through time with its early baroque wood-beamed ceiling, wall paintings and the St. George chapel. Furthermore, industrial heritage can be viewed in the carpet museum, rare natural resources are found in the mineral vaults, and illustrative art is on display in the Illusorium.

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A Brief History

Schloss Voigtsberg, complete with castle keep and defensive wall, was presumably founded around 1200 by the bailiffs of Straßberg. The castle was first mentioned in documents in 1249 through one of the Lords von Voigtsberg, Erberhardus de Voitesberk. The construction of St. George’s chapel, the great hall and the round towers increased the castle’s size. In 1356, Schloss Voigtsberg fell into the hands of the Margrave von Meißen from the House of Wettin and became an electoral office.

During the subsequent centuries, the castle underwent various conversions and today is characterized by numerous additional and expansion buildings. History has left its mark on Schloss Voigtsberg, which has served as a mining authority, a prison, a transit camp or most recently as a secondary school.

Getting Married at Schloss Voigtsberg

A wedding ceremony in royal ambience is a very special experience and turns every wedding into an exceptional festivity. Stylish and elegant, like Titian’s “Catherine of Austria” in the Fürstensall, or a modern ceremony – the venerable castle is guaranteed to be the right place to say “I do”!

Schloss Voigtsberg

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