Schloss Ronneburg


Visitors have a choice of two museums in the historical ancestral home of the Lords von Ronneburg.

You can’t miss the Neue Schloss and its tower in the southwest of Ronneburg. Its current design dates back to alterations in 1896, where many older parts of the castle were replaced. The oldest remaining part can be found in the “Hinteren Schloss” (back castle), which once served as the ancestral home to the Lords of Ronneburg and flaunts a magnificent knights’ hall.

Today, the castle is home to a municipal and school museum; the 2007 national garden show brought new splendour to the courtyard and garden of the castle.

Heimat- und Verschönerungsverein Ronneburg/Thür.

Schlossstraße 19
07580 Ronneburg

Telefon: 036602/44566