Oberes Schloss Greiz

Visible from afar, the Obere Schloss (upper castle) looms over the valley of the Weißen Elster River and has dominated the region for centuries.

Already in the early 13th century historical documents refer to a castle situated on the striking argillaceous shale cliff above the river. Initially, the castle served as a residence for the bailiffs of Weida and Plauen. Subsequently, the Reuß princes live here. The castle burned down after being hit by lightening in 1540, and was soon replaced by a new castle. This is why the building we see today is in the Renaissance style.

Today, the historic structure is home to a museum with the permanent exhibit “Vom Land der Vögte zum Fürstentum Reuß älterer Linie” (from the land of the bailiffs to the Reuß prinicipality – the Elder Line) that spans over four floors.

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