Greiz Summer Palace

The “beautiful sanctuary” house has been home to art and culture for many decades.

The early classicist-style summer palace in the Greizer Park was completed in 1779. Its owner, Prince Heinrich XI, lovingly referred to it as “la maison de belle retrait” (the beautiful sanctuary). Since 1922, the palace has been home to the Staatliche Bücher- und Kupferstichsammlung (the state book and copperplate collection), whose most valuable items stem from the estate of England’s Princess Elizabeth. In 1975, the Greizer SATIRICUM, a collection of caricatures from the past 300 years, was established in the manor.

The castle’s garden hall is a popular venue for exhibits and concerts during the summer months.

State Book and Copperplate Collection in Greiz

Many valuable books and artworks from different centuries can be admired in Greiz.

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Sommerpalais Greiz

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