Castle Ruins in Reichenfels

The romantic ruins of a knight’s castle with a local history library are situated in the middle of a conservation area.

Built by the bailiffs of Weida, Burg Reichenfels most likely already towered up high above the village in the 12th century. Nobody knows for sure, but the castle was first mentioned in writing in 1356. Today, only a ruin picturesquely embedded in a nature preserve remains to the west of Hohenleuben, serving as a reminder of these proud times. Seventy-five years ago another structure was built on the old castle grounds, attracting scientists and all those interested in history to this place over and over again, since the new building is home to the oldest scientific library of local heritage literature in around 35,000 volumes from the entire German-speaking region.

Moreover, since 1825 Reichenfels has been home to the Vogtländischen Altertumsforschenden Vereines (Vogtland Archaeological Association), one of Germany’s oldest history associations.

Burgruine Reichenfels

Reichenfels 1a
07958 Hohenleuben



Die Burgruine ist frei zugänglich