The Göltzschtal Bridge

The world’s largest brick bridge is one of the most impressive structures in all of the Vogtland.

There was a problem at the beginning: How should the new railway line from Leipzig to Nuremberg cross the deep Göltzsch valley? Many months passed before the Saxon-Bavarian Railways Company was able to lay the foundation stone in 1846 for a bridge building project that had never before existed in this form – a brick bridge with a height of 78m and more than 500m in length. Chief engineer Robert Wilke’s design convinced the responsible parties, and from this time on, 50,000 bricks were fired daily at the 20 surrounding brick works.

In the end, more than 26 million bricks were manufactured. Since 1851, these have intermittently turned the new Göltzschtal Bridge into the highest railway bridge in the world, and the largest brick bridge even today.

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