Unwind in the Middle of Nature

Alone, as a couple, with friends or the whole family – everyone enjoys their holiday in the middle of nature when camping. The Vogtland is great at any time of the day or night:  under the night sky with a glass of wine or during the day while hiking through the woods or along the lakes and reservoirs in the region.

It’s no big deal if the backpacking trip takes a little bit longer, since the next campground is just around the corner…

Gunzenberg Talsperre Pöhl Campground

Hawaiianisches Ambiente am Zeulenrodaer Meer

continuezu „Gunzenberg Talsperre Pöhl Campground“

“von Tailleur” Campground

Der idyllische Campingplatz mitten im Wald.

continuezu „“von Tailleur” Campground“

Naherholung Talsperre Pirk GmbH

Naherholung und Wassersport - Campingurlaub für die ganze Familie.

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Grünheide Forest Park Group Campground

Der ruhig gelegene Zeltplatz mit unzähligen Freizeitmöglichkeiten.

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“An der Aumatalsperre” Natural Campground with a Hostel for Hikers

Erholung pur am Rande der Stadt Weida, der Wiege des Vogtlandes.

continuezu „“An der Aumatalsperre” Natural Campground with a Hostel for Hikers“