Video: A symphony of nature.

Open your ears and submerse yourself in the region’s musicality!

It doesn’t get any greener: Welcome to the Vogtland!

There are many reasons to visit the Vogtland, and most of them have to do with nature. Natural forests turn into a paradise for hikers and nature lovers to enjoy with every breath and step.

Expansive, vibrant mountain meadows are a pleasant sight and make you want to have a family picnic on the spot – panoramic view included. And for those who want to explore the Vogtland’s culinary delights, the “Grüne Klöße” (green dumplings), no longer the poor man’s food, are a must.

This is why there are around 70 towns in the former lands of the governors of Weida, Gera and Plauen that have “green” in their name.

So – are you ready for a trip into the green?

Feel nature:
Vogtland cycling experience

Pleasure and active leisure on two wheels. We promise that you will discover something new.

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Feel the music:
Musicon Valley®

Experience exciting show presentations. Touching and trying out are encouraged.

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Experience family:
Plohn Leisure Park

Be a part of the action, fun and adventure until October 31!

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Saxon State Baths

Health and spa options for a “royal” convalescence.

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Camping & RV Parks

Everyone enjoys their holiday in the middle of nature when camping.

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Top Tips

“V” for Variety, “V” for Vogtland. Every day is filled with experience.

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