• Göltzschtalbrücke, Vogtland
    Göltzschtalbrücke, Vogtland Photo: Sebastian Theilig, Tourismusverbandes Vogtland e.V.
There are many reasons to visit the Vogtland, and most of them have to do with nature. Natural forests turn into a paradise for hikers and nature lovers to enjoy with every breath and step.
Expansive, vibrant mountain meadows are a pleasant sight and make you want to have a family picnic on the spot – panoramic view included. And for those who want to explore the Vogtland’s culinary delights, the “Grüne Klöße” (green dumplings), no longer the poor man’s food, are a must.

This is why there are around 70 towns in the former lands of the governors of Weida, Gera and Plauen that have “green” in their name.

So – are you ready for a trip into the green?

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Aktueller Hinweis

Photo: CC BY-ND, Archiv TVV / M. Dassler

The cultural life in the Vogtland does not stand still!

Photo: CC BY-ND, Archiv TVV / Tino Peisker

A symphony of nature.

VOGTLAND - Hörst du die Sinfonie der Natur?
Video: Tourismusverband Vogtland e.V.

Einzigartiges Vogtland

Deutsche Raumfahrtausstellung Photo: T.Peisker, CC BY-ND, Archiv TVV, T.Peisker


Welcome to the Vogtland’s leisure planner

Are you looking for an interesting exhibit? Or perhaps event tips for the upcoming weekend? Do you want to know what is happening while you are on vacation in the Vogtland?

Use our leisure planner and find the perfect event for you!

Event im Parktheater Plauen
Photo: CC BY-ND, Archiv TVV, T. Peisker

An Interactive Vacation in the Vogtland

This is now possible with the new Vogtland App from the Tourismusverband Vogtland.

The free app offers a lot useful information about vacationing in the Vogtland. Tour descriptions, tour routes on the map, elevation profiles, photos, as well as interesting points along the way are part of the app. The Vogtland App determines the users’ exact location, allowing users to detect variations to the tours described and to go on small extra tours. Customized tours are also possible.

Timetable information and the link to the events database of the Vogtland region are also incorporated into the app, as are numerous smaller features.

Vogtland App Functions:

  • Tour descriptions
  • Tour planner
  • Description of  POI’s
  • Top tips
  • Events database
  • Timetable information
  • Link to social media
  • Compass
  • Positioning
  • Saves offline
  • Memos
  • Description of the ski area
Gemeinsam unterwegs mit der Vogtland App
Photo: CC BY-ND, Archiv TVV, M. Dassler

23. Sächsisches Landeserntedankfest

Photo: CC BY-ND, Stadt Oelsnitz