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  • Photo: Archiv TVV, S. Theilig
As a visitor to this region you can expect a variety of activities and sights. Holidaymakers and spa guests as well as people undertaking short trips and day trips will get their money’s worth. Enjoy untouched nature, beneficial relaxation or sport and fun. Here you will experience traditional crafts, culinary delicacies and glamorous music culture. Have fun exploring! 
Expansive, vibrant mountain meadows are a pleasant sight and make you want to have a family picnic on the spot – panoramic view included. And for those who want to explore the Vogtland’s culinary delights, the “Grüne Klöße” (green dumplings), no longer the poor man’s food, are a must.

This is why there are around 70 towns in the former lands of the governors of Weida, Gera and Plauen that have “green” in their name.

So – are you ready for a trip into the green?

Photo: CC BY-ND, Archiv CVG/RobertReißner

Photo: CC BY-ND, Archiv Talsperre Pöhl


Photo: CC BY-ND, Archiv TTG

Do you hear the symphony of nature?

VOGTLAND - Hörst du die Sinfonie der Natur?
Video: Tourismusverband Vogtland e.V.

Travel region Vogtland

Photo: Archiv TVV/Meier Werbung
Discover the unique region in the four-country corner of Saxony, Thuringia, Bavaria and Bohemia! Thanks to its central location in Central Germany, the Vogtland is very easy to reach by bus, train or car.
  • Area: 2,493 km2 (Saxon and Thuringian Vogtland)
  • Population: approx. 430,000
  • Highest elevations: Schneehübel (974 m), Aschberg near Klingenthal (936 m), Schneckenstein (883 m)
  • Hiking: > 3,000 km trail network, 5 quality hiking trails
  • Cycling: > 2,000 km of cycle paths, Bike World Schöneck
  • Skiing: 450 km cross-country ski trails, 4.5 km ski slopes
  • largest rivers: Weiße Elster, Zwickauer Mulde, Göltzsch
  • Overnight stays: around 1.8 million/year
  • Guest arrivals: around 540,000/year


Photo: Archiv TVV/M.Daßler
A must-have for all hiking enthusiasts and Vogtland fans - the new Vogtland outdoor sock!
  • high quality
  • made in Germany
  • in green or grey

Available for €19.90 at selected partners in the Vogtland!

Tour planner

Weg durch das Tiergehege in Greiz
Weg durch das Tiergehege in Greiz
Photo: CC BY-SA, Archiv TVV_ D.Wießner
Plan your next tour.

Whether on foot, by bike or even on horseback: here you can create your own individual Vogtland route.

The Vogtland app - your interactive travel guide

Gemeinsam unterwegs mit der Vogtland App
Gemeinsam unterwegs mit der Vogtland App
Photo: Archiv TVV, M. Dassler
The free app offers lots of useful information about holidays in the Vogtland. Tour descriptions, tour routes on the map, altitude profiles, pictures and interesting points along the tours are included in the app. The Vogtland app records the exact position of the user. This means that variants of the described tours can be recognised and small extra tours can be included. Individual tour planning is also possible.

The timetable information and the link to the event database of the Vogtland district round off the app's offer, in addition to numerous small features.

Functions of the Vogtland App:

  • Tour display
  • Tour planner
  • Presentation of POI's (sights/services)
  • TopTips
  • Event database
  • Timetable information
  • Linking to social media
  • Compass display
  • Positioning
  • Offline storage
  • Notepad
  • Ski resort display


Photo: CC BY-SA, Archiv TVV/S.Theilig
In the Vogtland Tourism brochure shop you will find informative brochures, leaflets and maps about your stay in the Vogtland.

Order these and more easily directly here in the shop or by e-mail your personal copies!