The Vogtland – A Symphony of Nature

Everything in the Vogtland is linked with nature: Nature brings people together and creates an environment in which old traditions are still practiced today. Instrument making in the musical region is an example of this, as is the locals’ warmth with a dash of stubbornness.

The Vogtland has always been open-minded towards other people through its location in the quadrangle between Saxony, Thuringia, Bavaria and Bohemia. This makes the Vogtland the perfect holiday destination with favourite spots for those interested in culture and spas, as well as for active tourists and families.

How does this work? By engaging all the senses!

Feel nature

Surrounded by greenery, there are countless opportunities to discover nature for yourself.

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Feel the music

Traditions still practiced today include musical instrument making, numerous museums and cities with a great deal of charm.

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Experience family

Enjoy time with your family, unwind and take your children on an adventure trip.

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Discover the Vogtland

From Bad Köstritz to Bad Brambach – our vibrant cities and quaint villages will astound you.

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Events in the Vogtland

The event planner offers you a great overview of the numerous events taking place in the Vogtland.

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Interactive adventure map

The Vogtland offers a multitude of activities. Ask about excursions and attractions.

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